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Violence and fear have taken hold in the remote community of Daly River, where two houses were recently burned, leading to the arrest of six individuals. Residents of the area expressed feeling terrorized by ongoing unrest caused by local gangs, particularly the Jovi Boys and Warriors.

The lack of support from authorities has been a significant point of contention among residents, with many criticizing the inadequate response to the escalating situation. The community, located 220 kilometers southwest of Darwin, has been plagued by incidents involving violence and property damage over the past weeks, leaving many feeling unsafe and vulnerable.

Despite the presence of law enforcement, concerns have been raised about the effectiveness of their intervention and the delayed response to the disturbances. Locals have voiced their fears and frustrations, highlighting the need for more robust support from both government agencies and the police to address the root causes of the unrest in Daly River.

This recent incident is just one in a series of flare-ups that have occurred in the area in recent years, underscoring the ongoing challenges faced by residents in maintaining peace and security in their community.


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Article Title: Houses destroyed, six people arrested following violent unrest in NT remote community of Daly River
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