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A Canberra prisoner, Rebecca Krutsky, has been sentenced to 11 months and 21 days in jail by an ACT Supreme Court judge. This sentence comes after Krutsky was found guilty of recklessly inflicting bodily harm on a visitor by throwing boiling tea, resulting in significant injuries. The victim, a former inmate and volunteer at the jail, experienced serious burns and scarring due to the appalling attack.

Krutsky, who has a history of illicit drug use, expressed a desire for restorative justice and personally apologized to the victim during sentencing. The judge emphasized the severity of the offense, highlighting the impact on the victim, who did not deserve such harm, as well as on the Narcotics Anonymous program within the jail that had to be canceled following the incident.

While acknowledging Krutsky’s efforts towards rehabilitation during her time in jail, Justice Chrissa Loukas-Karlsson sternly warned against any repeat offenses, reminding Krutsky of the gravity of her actions. Despite being eligible for parole last year on other sentences, Krutsky will remain in custody until September after factoring in time served.


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Article Title: Canberra inmate who poured boiling tea on volunteer sentenced to further jail
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