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At Law By Dan, we have a team of Canberra Workers Compensation Lawyers who can assist you with your worker’s compensation claim. Very importantly, at Law By Dan, our Canberra Workers Compensation Lawyers are Accredited Specialists. This means that the ACT Law Society deems these practitioners as being the very best in the state.

This is a vitally important thing for you to consider when choosing a compensation lawyer. Not all lawyers are the same. Treat your compensation claim like complex surgery. You would not go to an inexperienced surgeon, so do not seek legal help from an inexperienced compensation lawyer.

How much money will I get?

First and foremost, there is no doubt that it is all about money. We don’t intend to come out as a bunch of greedy lawyers when we say this. If you have been injured, we will not be able to restore the affected areas of your body. We are unable to restore certain aspects of your life. We are unable to help you feel better. All we can do is try to get you the compensation you deserve so that you can get back to living your life.

That money can be used to cover the cost of treatment. It may be used to cover the cost of rehabilitation. It may be able to provide you with some financial stability. It has the potential to purchase a home. It has the potential to make your life easier and better.

When it comes to the money we refer to it as “damages” or, in certain situations, “compensation.”

Several factors come into play when lawyers discuss how much you will receive in a settlement. Here is a breakdown of the factors.

At Law By Dan, we are committed to providing you with guidance in a manner that is easy to comprehend and understand. We will offer you all of the information and assistance you require to ensure that you fully comprehend all the options and the alternatives.

Let’s dig into this concept of damages or compensation.

When you are compensated for a work injury, non-economic loss, general damages, and pain and suffering are all included. Typically speaking, this is a portion of the damages that is intended to recompense you for the damages you have suffered as a result of the pain, suffering, and inconvenience that you have experienced. In current times, this is referred to as “non-economic loss.”

Because it is not capable of being mathematically calculated or attributed to a specific loss of money, it is known as “non-economic loss.” Non-economic loss can result from a variety of circumstances, including, but not limited to: a loss of wages, medical expenses, or other expenses that you may incur. As you can imagine, figuring out the extent of such damages is quite difficult due to the imprecise quality of the data. In other words, every person’s case is unique and different.

Frequently, we hear from folks who are distressed about their situation and want $1 million or some other large quantity of money to compensate them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, and the amount you can receive varies from state to state and case to case depending on your circumstances.

Example: If you suffer non-economic loss in New South Wales (there are many rules and regulations and limits regarding whether you may suffer this in New South Wales), you will normally receive a bigger payout than if you suffer the same loss in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). According on the severity of your injuries, the length of time you will be out of work will vary. A person who has undergone a back procedure, for example, will receive substantially more compensation than someone who has suffered a more minor neck injury. The take-home message, ignore everyone that tries to tell you how much your claim will be worth. They’re all wrong!

At Law By Dan, our compensation experts have accumulated a significant amount of experience in reviewing various cases, and we’re well-versed in how similar cases or similar injuries on people of various ages and the effects they’ve had translate into the amount of money that the Courts have awarded in those types of cases in the previous years.

If you suffer non-economic damage, the money you get is merely one component or portion of your claim, and it is rarely the largest component. If you read more about the other components of the claim in the section below, you’ll see how everything comes together.

Economic Loss and Loss of Earning Capacity

Lawyers frequently make the error of attempting to determine whether or not there is a claim for wage loss only on the basis of your current employment. At Law By Dan, we see this loss of earning capacity much broader. For example, you may be a second year apprentice carpenter who has suffered a major injury that will prevent you from working as a carpenter into the future. The correct assessment of lost earning capacity needs to consider the fact that you may have had a very successful career as a carpenter, including owing your own business. In this example you can see that determining loss of earning capacity is much more than an assessment of your current wage.

There are many different sorts of loss of earning capacity, and while it is true that many people experience a loss that can be measured in terms of income, there are many additional types of loss of earning ability.

People will have to retire early from their careers at times, and the physicians are very explicit about this. At other times, the sort of employment that individuals may participate in or the amount of hours that they can be involved for are restricted, resulting in a reduction in their earning capability.

Other may have been hurt but have been able to return to their jobs. The nature of their injuries, on the other hand, may cause them to reoccur or flare-up, resulting in their being unable to work from time to time. Another possibility is that some people will be out of employment on a temporary basis as a result of failing to show up for work on a consistent basis.

Our expertise is in attempting to demonstrate, to the best of our ability, how your impairments will affect your ability to make a living. One of the most important aspects of every assertion is the evidence supporting it. It is divided into two categories: the loss of earning ability that occurred in the past and the loss of earning capacity that will occur in the future.

In light of the fact that the majority of instances will result in a loss of earning ability until the age of 67, anyone who is either young or middle-aged will have their loss of earning capacity compound over a long period of time, resulting in a very big sum of money.

To obtain you the best possible outcome, we spend a significant amount of time figuring out how your injuries might influence your ability to work and how we can best argue whether there is a loss of earning capacity on your part, as well as how it is going to affect you. In fact, we’ve enlisted the assistance of a number of professionals in this respect. The physicians we consult are asked very precise questions, and we have a wide range of professionals who can aid us in attempting to figure things out on our own.

When it comes time to assess your claim for loss of earning ability, we will leave no stone unturned in our investigation.

The Next Steps in Claim Compensation in Canberra and the ACT

Attend your free introductory consultation with Law By Dan.

This provides you with the chance to learn more about your claim and explore your alternatives, allowing you to make the most informed decision possible.

We’ll take care of any instant support you require.

The items on this list might contain a variety of things such as imminent medical bills or appointments that you need to schedule.

We’ll collect evidence, request reports, schedule meetings and appointments, and do a variety of other things.

You may be required to undergo a medical checkup.

We’ll make arrangements for any necessary independent medical examinations, if and when they become necessary. These are designed to help you gain a better understanding of your injury and the impact it has on your career and personal life, among other things.

It is possible that you will need to appeal a decision.

If you are dissatisfied with a decision made by your employer’s insurer, we can assist you in navigating the dispute resolution procedure and, if necessary, bringing legal action against the insurer.

Case resolution or court procedures are terms used to refer to the settlement of a dispute.

It is possible to resolve disputes without going to court in most situations, and you will get the compensation to which you are entitled if your claim is successful.

Legal Fees

Our Lawyer’s No-Win-No-Fee agreement is normally accessible for all sorts of Workers’ Compensation claims, including medical malpractice. This implies that you will not be responsible for legal expenses unless and until your case is successful. If your case is successful, we will then bill you for our professional fees and expenses.

Fees are not based on a percentage of your compensation award, but rather on a fixed charge that is agreed upon at the outset of your case, ensuring that you will not be caught off guard at the conclusion.

The No Win – No Fee agreement is intended to assist persons who might otherwise be unable to afford legal counsel because of their financial circumstances.

After your initial visit, you will be given a document that outlines the terms of the No Win – No Fee agreement. If you do not sign and return the form to us, you have made no commitment to us whatsoever. The reason for this is so that you may take the time to examine your alternatives and come to a decision that you are satisfied with.

Costs that are not included in the original estimate

Throughout the course of your case, you may incur additional expenses from time to time. As an example, we may require access to your medical records or the services of an expert witness, both of which are often charged at a premium rate. This is referred to as a disbursement.

If there are likely to be any additional fees, you will be informed at your free initial appointment. Our experts will then walk you through all you need to know, step by step, to ensure that you are comfortable and well-informed before making a choice on whether or not to move further. We’ll do everything we can to keep costs as low as possible while increasing your compensation.

What kind of monetary compensation am I eligible for?

When it comes to assessing your compensation, there is no one-size-fits-all method that we can apply.

In most cases, the amount of compensation awarded to plaintiffs is determined by the severity of their injuries as well as the state in which they occurred.

Some of the most important considerations a lawyer will take into account while discussing your compensation are as follows:

  • Any time away from work and any wages that have been lost
  • Any future profits that are forfeited
  • Any changes in your capacity to work Care or help from family or friends, even if it is provided at no cost to you
  • Any modifications that you may want to your residence or car
  • Expenses for travel and accommodations

Most Important Thing

There are very strict time limits that apply in workers’ compensation matters in Canberra and the ACT. Do not delay. Get our legal help today.