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Aliyawar Yawari, a 65-year-old man, is facing allegations of indecently assaulting a woman at a motel in Pooraka, Adelaide. The victim was reportedly befriended by Yawari before being invited to his room under the pretense of receiving a massage.

Only three weeks after his release from immigration detention, Yawari was found with a home detention monitoring bracelet at the time of the alleged assault. Following the incident, the victim promptly reported the assault to the authorities, who discovered Yawari outside her room, seeking forgiveness.

Appearing in court via video link, Yawari’s bail application was withdrawn due to the lack of a suitable address for his residence. The case is set to continue next week, shedding light on the aftermath of this disturbing incident.


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Article Title: Former immigration detainee befriended alleged Adelaide motel sexual assault victim, court documents reveal
Retrieved from ABC News